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Blog No. 1 - Everything starts somewhere

This is my first foray into the world of weblogs, so here goes....

I'm an architect working in Far North Queensland, Australia. After 18 years with a highly successful and award-winning practice in Cairns (CA Architects), I've finally made the move to start my own firm.

My passion is to help people achieve good quality design within their budgets, so I'm keeping my practice streamlined and flexible. I've had years of experience working on large commercial and government jobs do I bring that expertise to the small scale market - from simple things (which are often done poorly) like space planning and material selection, to more sophisticated design challenges such as sustainable design, low-embodied energy and value management strategies.

I've also spent much of my spare time over the last 10 years owner-building my own house, so I've got lots of practical tips and experiences relating to owner-building, different construction methods, managing costs on low-budget staged building projects - and all the emotional stress that comes with it!

I hope you'll enjoy my forthcoming posts, learn a bit along the way and maybe connect with me.


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