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Blog No. 2 - Bringing some light on the subject

Simple up-down strip LED light

This is my latest addition to the house - a home-made pendant light hanging over our dining table in the kitchen. The fixture is just a 90x45 timber stud, 2.4m long with plywood strips screwed to each side and each end shielding the light from view. I've mounted one 1200 long and one 600 long LED strip light to the underside of the batten, and the same again to the top. This gives a beautiful light to the table and also illuminates the ceiling to give general lighting to the space. The light is hung on black chain, with the LED strips daisy-chained and plugged into the ceiling mounted socket (which is switched from a normal light switch on the wall). All-up cost less than $200.

My wife added the "Home is where your Honey is" just to remind me not to get too focused on the house!

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen with Handmade Strip Pendant light over the dining table

Home is where your Honey is!

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